Ten Simple Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey everyone! This week I am sharing 10 tips to starting a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard, yes, but it’s also important to at least try! I’d like you guys to try at least one of these things for a week and let me know how it works out for you! I did not put these in any order of importance, for they are all equally important.
1. Believe in yourself
And why not? Health starts with you, how you view yourself, and how you treat yourself. Don’t be sarcastic or harsh in any way towards yourself, it’ll affect you in the long run. Believe you can and you will. If you really wanted to thrive from the inside out, you would support yourself, and in doing so, you would help yourself in ways you can’t even imagine. Even when the going gets tough, even when it seems like you’re better off with where you are, keep trying! Don’t ever give up on yourself! Believing in your self, believing that you can do the impossible, is the first step to actually achieving that.

2. Set specific goals for yourself
Challenge yourself and keep making goals! Be specific and once you reach that goal, make another one! Don’t compare yourself to other people, the only person you should compete against is yourself. And when you’re making your goals, have the intention of completing them. Ask this question: What good are goals if we don’t make any forward movement towards them to accomplish them?
3. Sleep
Getting enough sleep is ESSENTIAL! Not achieving 7-9 hours of sleep can harm your hormones, and it will actually cause you to gain weight! Sleep is a time to allow your body to heal itself and recover. Your body rebuilds muscle tissue, calms down, and for a full 7-9 hours, your body is detoxing. You know that grimy feeling you have in your mouth or your face? That is all of the toxins, dirt, and unneeded bacteria your body was able to extract in one night! Not only that, but gaining the proper amount of sleep will allow you to be able to focus better in school!

4. Add more greens!
Adding greens to your diet is essential! Leafy greens can help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes. There are lots of sneaky and interesting ways to sneak greens into your day aside from a salad. You could always make wraps, sandwiches, green smoothies, etc. For those of you who have never heard of adding greens to a smoothie, it is, if done correctly, extremely delicious. The simplest recipe for a green smoothie is this: 1 banana, a handful of greens (I usually use spinach or kale), almond milk (soy if you have a nut allergy), and ice (only if you like them cold). This is a very common and well known recipe and often the base of many other green smoothies. Greens are so beneficial to your health and you will notice a glow from the inside out by consuming more greens!

5. Get moving!
Move all day every day. Yes, pick a workout plan and stick to it, but don’t workout and then sit all day long. Move throughout the day in any way you want. Dance, do yoga, go outside every 2 hours, stand up and do some kind of activity for five minutes, whatever it is, make sure your body is always on the move. Even the busiest student can make time to move in some shape or form! All it takes is the right mindset and motivation to avoid being stagnant for too long. Besides, sitting for more than 8 hours a day increases your chance of heart disease, and other horrible things. Every hour you spend sitting past those first 8 hours is an increase of risk for health. Even if it’s just a few movement, some movement is better than none. It might even be helpful if you were to build a makeshift standing desk! Studies have proven that standing while working actually causes students and adults to become more efficient in their work habits. Plus, standing for at least 8 hours a day for a few days can burn the equivalent average amount of calories of running a marathon! More information plus a table is shown in the link below.

6. Eat balanced meals
This is a bit cliche but all too true. Make sure you are consuming the proper amount of macros. Your meals will supply your body with the energy, strength, and nutrients it needs to stay motivated and to keep moving. Make sure each meal consists of the nutrients your body needs.

7. Tidy up!
I know this may be something that’ll make you all groan about putting things away, but this is a lot more beneficial than you think. Cluttered space creates a cluttered mind which causes cluttered results. Clearing out your room, putting things away, and organizing your room will allow you to be able to focus and perform better. You will have better results in a clean organized environment than when your room is unorganized and cluttered. Make sure your desk is clear while you’re working and have as little distractions around you as possible.

8. Give back
Be kind and have common courtesy. Be generous and smile. Simple things like smiles and compliments can go a long way. If your friend has no lunch or you see some one struggling, go lend a hand. Kindness and helpfulness can make you feel so much better in so many different ways. You will feel so much better about yourself and also about other people. It never hurts to ask someone if they need any kind of help, they’re more than likely to say yes. Helping others and being kind will go back to you and you will end up receiving an even greater reward.

9. Morning Routine
Having a morning routine can be so much more beneficial than you think. It gives yourself instead of waking up, throwing clothes on, skipping breakfast, and leaving the house before you even remember to go to the bathroom. It won’t help you if you start off the day panicked or frustrated. You’ll only start the day off on the wrong foot, and nobody wants to see anybody like that. Making a moment for yourself will allow you to be at peace with yourself and appreciate those little things in life that most people don’t even notice. Having a daily morning routine, whether it be to read a book, do some yoga, go for a walk, or workout, will give you the you-time you need and deserve.

10. Use your time wisely.
Set up boundaries when using social media. Don’t multitask and procrastinate. Focus on what’s most important. It’s ok to go on social media but when your time is up, it’s up. Don’t go to your phone to check what your friend’s latest snapchat story the night before an essay or test. And please don’t push things to a later time, you’ll regret doing that, and you know it. Prioritize and make schedules. Hey! It never hurts to make a to do list, as a matter of fact, it helps you get things done and done quickly. After you’re done with what you’ve gotta do, go ahead and maybe browse social media for ten minutes or whatever time you allow yourself. Just don’t spend the time you could be using for more important things to stalk your celebrity crush or watch the most popular YouTube video.


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